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We place great value in the authenticity of experiences and voices. Our commitment to excellence isn't just a pledge but a tangible reality that both players and coaches have encountered firsthand.

Discover what professionals are sharing about Vision Training Soccer.

“Vision Training Soccer™ helped me
and will help develop players of any age.”

Claudio Reyna
Former Captain, US Men’s National Team – 2002 World Cup All Star 

“I participated in the Vision Training Soccer™ program;
it has helped my game, and I currently use it.”

Julie Foudy
Former Captain, US World Cup Championship Team
Olympic Gold Medalist

"Vision Training Soccer™ is so simple yet so crucial
that its training methods can propel this country’s soccer
to the next level.“

Pavlo Pilapenko
President of the Ukrainian Youth Football Federation
U20 World Cup Champions - 2019

"Vision is everything and TJ Kostecky shows
how to improve it with his program.
We should all put more time into Vision Training Soccer™."

Marcelo Cortez
Youth coach – Rosenborg FC (Norway)
Founder – Flamengo Futball schools (Brazil)

"You have left us with new ideas and novel ways of approaching the way we coach our players. Your contribution will go miles in aiding the development of both our coaches and players."

Oliver Smith
Vice-president of the Turks and Caicos Football Association

Vision Training™ has pushed my teams over the edge to the next level. I often hear that for the younger age groups they need to do nothing but individual skill work on the ball and not to worry about their vision. What most don't realize is that vision training is a individual skill just like passing, trapping and dribbling. The beauty of it is when a player lacks some of skill like passing, trapping or dribbling they can make up for it by the skill they have with vision training. I believe it is vital for kids to create a habit of using their vision at a young age.

Ray Sanders
Director of Coaching, Central California Aztecs,
US Soccer Development Academy

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